Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Heather Ale


Decided that in the spirit of St. Patrick's day I would brew a Heather Ale. The basic idea is to use a simply Irish Red recipe and to add Heather stems towards the end of the boil and at knock out. I spent the brew day with my buddy Andrew. If you are wondering at all about the hop choice it was based on what was in the fridge and already open. Since the hops are only being added for bittering it should be fine that they are not a more traditional Irish Red hop style.

8 pounds American 2-row
4 oz Roasted Barley
4 oz Crystal 120
4 oz Crystal 40-50

60 minutes
0.5 oz Hallertau (Pellets) 4.6%
0.25 oz Chinook (Leaf) 11.9%

10 minutes
0.66 oz Heather
Knock Out
0.66 oz Heather

Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale

Final Volume: 3.3 gallons

Original Gravity: 1.054

Beer was placed in primary fermenter. The plan is to make a tea out the remaining 0.66 oz and add it to the secondary when the beer is transferred in about 1 week.