Sunday, July 22, 2012

Flanders Red Ale


Today we plan on finishing the second 15 gallon batch of our Flanders Red Ale. This style started my sour craze and I am very excited to attempt to reproduce it. The recipe that we are using is a little complex...

Vienna 50 %
Carahell 9 %
CaraVienna 9 %
Aromatic 9 %
Special "B" 3 %
Maize 20 %

OG: 1.050

12 IBUs of Hallertau boiled for 1 hour

Yeast: A repitch of Roselare (Wyeast 3763)

Allow for Primary fermentation 2 wees at 68F. Place in an French Oak Red Wine Barrel 1 year.

To make maters more complicated we are using a decoction mash of sorts for the Maize. We start by mashing all the grain at 120 F and taking off about 4 gallons of the thin mash and bringing it slowly to a boil with the maize mixed in. This should allow the rolled maize some time with the enzymes while still boiling it to gelatinize it. We then add this decoction back into the mash to bring the temp up to 148 F. We mash out as usual.

The first part of the brew day went very well, although out gravity was a little lower than we would have liked. That is easily corrected for when you are adding two worts together. We just need to overshot our gravity today and plan on making that happen with a larger amount of grain than we used last time.

We also started adding sponsor's names to out barrel. Here is a nice picture of what that looks like.

Noble Wood Burning Names Into a Barrel

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