Thursday, March 12, 2015

Triple Chocolate Coffee Milk Stout

Triple Chocolate Coffee Milk Stout

Winter is in full swing in Colorado. We just set a record for February snow fall and the temp is 15 F outside. Know what that means? Time for some Stout! I was talking with my buddy John and we were both reminiscing about a Chocolate Stout he had brewed last year. He also mentioned that he had coffee from a local rooster, Coda Coffee. With that in mind we set out to brew a Chocolate Coffee Milk Stout. The only problem was deciding what yeast we wanted to use. Last year the Stout was brewed with Ringwood yeast, which I personally hate because of the aromas it produces in the finished product. Long story short we decided to brew a 12 gallon batch and split it into 3 carboys with 3 different yeast strains, and so Triple Chocolate Coffee Milk Stout was born!

The recipe was the same as last year but with a bigger batch size.

2 of the 3 strains we were using


OG: 1.050


15 pounds 2-Row Base Malt
2.5 pounds Chocolate Malt
1 pound Flaked Barley


2 oz East Goldings @ 30 minutes

Yeast (Bought from local company Inland Island)

INISBC-315: English Ale V (Listed as good for ESBs)
INISBC-316: English Ale VI (Not sure but has to be better than Ringwood!!)

At 14 hours all three were already fermenting away.

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