Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Intention of the Blog

"Beer is the drink of those who think,
and feel no fear nor fetter.
Who do not drink to senseless sink,
but drink to think the better."


Biology has always caught my interest. As a child I was always looking for signs of life under logs, by a river bank, or in the forest. For that reason I earned a Bachelors in Biology and am currently working on a Masters of Science in Biology. I still have that same fascination for biology that I had as a child, particularly when it comes to the microorganisms that make our world possible.

I remember the first beer that I ever had with my dad, Fat Tire. From that moment on I was hooked on craft brewing. However, I could not settle on just drinking great beer, I had to know how it was created. Within a year of that first beer I had bought a brewing kit and delved into brewing.

Everything came together when I had my first beer fermented by something other than Saccharomyces. The tart and funky flavors played on my tongue in such a unique way. I just had to know how this was done. After reading a few blogs and books I decided to try my own sour beer, more on that latter. However, what I really found that day was a way in which to unite my passion for biology and my passion for brewing. I am mystified by everything that goes into making a sour beer, in particular the  microorganism. That is where everything comes together, biology (microbiology) meets brewing.

So that is what I intend for this to be about. A way in which I can chronicle the point at which biology meets brewing. I will write about brewing more traditional styles of beer but I plan to focus on the microbes that go into brewing a sour ale and hopefully help anyone else that is interested in the subject learn a little bit more about the science (and bugs) that can go into brewing. I do want to make it quite clear that I am not expert at brewing or at microbiology. However, I will do that best that I can with the resources that I have to explore Microbe Brewing.

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