Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Cherry Ale Update


Cracked one of these open yesterday while brewing. They have been bottled for a month and a half now. I had some around christmas time and it was rather disappointing. The beer had a very earthy taste to it and had not carbonated very well.

I can gladly report that that has all changed! The one I had yesterday was a completely different beer.

Appearance, a hazy dark red color with a good two fingers of head that turn into a nice lace skirt around the bottle.

Aroma, cherry, dark malt, and a that funky aroma that comes from sour beers.

Taste, an almost lip puckering cherry pie taste mixed with malt and a hint of caramel.

Overall, I was sure that I needed to just pour out all of these because they were so lack luster. I am pleasantly surprised that they are now sour! It turned into an awesome beer.

NOTE: I will provide a more detailed tasting when I open the next beer. It is hard to review a beer accurately while you are brewing and the air is filled with other smells.

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