Monday, January 23, 2012

Mixed Fermentation

I am attempting to brew a Hefewiezen with a friend. We know we want the beer to have a nice banana aroma but the only yeast that was at the brew store was wyeast 1010 American Wheat.

Are plan is to ferment the beer with two strains of yeast, I have used saison yeast in the past and during fermentation I remember a lot of banana aroma. I am hoping that if we use both yeast in the fermentation that we can get the best attributes of both yeast.

The recipe is fairly simple, for a 3 gallon bath we are using

3.5 pounds american 2-row
3.5 pounds german red wheat

1/2 oz of Hallertau hops

Single step  infusion mash at 154 F
Added hops to when wort started to boil, boiled 55 minutes.

Cooled beer to 80 F and added 1 packet Wyeast 1010 and a small starter of Wyeast Belgian Saison yeast ( The sample came from a plated in my fridge)

Placed beer in a fridge with a temp control set at 64F

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