Wednesday, April 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Heather Ale: Tasting

Heather Ale

    Tasted a bottle of my Heather Ale that I brewed on St. Patrick's Day.

Appearance: As you can see from the pic there is quite a bit of head on this beer, which soon turned into a nice sticky lace on the glass. The beer was darker in color than I expected. It is hard to tell here but it is very red brown in color.
Aroma: The beer smells of caramel, toffee, bread, and roasted malt. I wanted there to be a little more heather present but it just kind of lingers on the edges.
Taste: The first sip of the beer is sweet and smooth. The caramel and toffee play on the tongue and roasted grain flavors are present.
Mouthfeel:The body on this beer is solid, it is a little sticky on the pallet but finishes surprisingly dry for how much caramel and toffee flavor there is in this beer.
Overall: For an Irish Red, this beer is awesome. However, I was going for an Irish Red that accented the Heather flowers. Their is some Heather present in the aroma but that is about the extent. I would at least double the amount of Heather I added and maybe dry hop with some Heather.

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